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Bill Nye's Open Letter to President Barack Obama

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Stand with Bill and The Planetary Society: Send Your Own Message to the President

Why Now?

Earlier this year, the White House proposed cutting over $200 million from NASA's Planetary Science program. That means no mission to Europa, no mission to retrieve samples from Mars, and very little of anything else. Less science. Less discovery.

Right now:

  • Congress is debating the final budget for the year 2014. Initial bills restore some funding for Planetary Science.
  • The White House is finalizing its budget for 2015. If they prioritize planetary science, Congress will support them.

If you live in the U.S., the link above will send your message of support your congressional representatives and the President.

If you live outside the the U.S., this link will allow you to write the President.

Read more about our campaign and what you can do at our Save Our Science action center.