Cost of OSIRIS-REx

The OSIRIS-REx mission is expected to cost $1.16 billion. $588.5 million was spent on spacecraft development and $183.5 million on its launch vehicle. Nine years of prime mission operations are expected to cost approximately $283 million.

New Horizons accounted for 0.0031% of all spending by the United States during the 7-year period covering its development and launch.

Original $ | Inflation-Adj $

OSIRIS-REx costs per fiscal year. Future fiscal year data represents official projections. The spacecraft launched in September 2016 and entered its operational phase by the start of the 2017 fiscal year. Source: Planetary Science Budget Dataset, compiled by Casey Dreier for The Planetary Society (accessible on Google Sheets or downloadable as an Excel file).

Spacecraft Development$558.5 million
Launch (Atlas V 411)$183.5 million
Mission Operations (9 years)$283 million
Total$1.16 billion

Raw data available in Planetary Exploration Budget Dataset.