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Voyager 1 longitudinal scan 2 of Io

Voyager 1 longitudinal scan 2 of Io
Voyager 1 longitudinal scan 2 of Io 3-frame Narrow Angle Camera mosaic of Io's surface taken near Voyager 1's closest approach to Io on March 5, 1979. This observation, along with Longitudinal Scan 1, was made during a short break between producing a large mosaic of the moon's southern hemisphere and a smaller mosaic of the south polar region. NASA / JPL-Caltech / Justin Cowart

These images were all affected to some degree by motion smearing due to movement of the spacecraft's scan platform during imaging. This smearing has been corrected using the Parallel Interval Deconvolution plugin for imageJ. Input point spread functions were initially guessed at by finding small light features in the smeared images. These were then iteratively modified to determine the best fit for desmearing. Much of the fine detail has been permanently lost in heavily smeared images, but for a world so lacking in high-resolution imagery as Io, it still provides an improvement over existing data.

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