Swamped Skies

Swamped Skies
Swamped Skies This photo collage demonstrates the dramatic impact of increasing numbers of satellites on the night sky. Joshua Rozells Instagram: @Joshua_Rozells

The light pollution caused by satellites is quickly becoming a major problem for astronomers and astrophotographers. In 2021 over 1700 spacecrafts and satellites were put into orbit. Light pollution caused megaconstellations such as SpaceX’s Starlink satellites are the worst offenders, as they travel in satellite trains and number in the thousands.

This image is the result of 343 photos (over 85 mins) worth of satellite images blended together with a low light level photo used for the foreground. The sky’s contrast, highlights, and whites were increased to emphasize the satellites. Photoshop was used to blend the satellite trails and remove the gap between the satellite trails.

Photo used with permission from:  https://www.instagram.com/joshua_rozells/

Sony A7R IV | Sony 24 F1.4 GM

Sky: 343 Images | F1.4 | 15 Secs | ISO 3200

Foreground: Single Image| F4.0 | 122 Secs | ISO 1600