Multiple plumes on Io
Multiple plumes on Io This image of Io was taken by New Horizons at 11:04 UT on February 28 2007, just 5 hours after its closest approach to Jupiter. Io is lit by the Sun from the left; its night side is lit by Jupitershine (sunlight reflected off of Jupiter). The dramatic plume at the top of the globe is Tvashtar, shooting 290 kilometers (180 miles) into space. The smaller plume to the left is Prometheus, rising 60 kilometers (40 miles) high. Another plume is visible near the bottom of the globe, from the volcano Masubi. This one is erupting from the night side, but the plume rises high enough into space to be lit by the setting Sun. The setting Sun also brings mountains along the terminator into sharp relief. NASA / JHUAPL / SwRI