Glen Torridon Pebbles
Glen Torridon Pebbles Much of Glen Torridon -- the valley to the south of Vera Rubin Ridge explored by Curiosity in 2019 -- has a regolith of loose material strewn with pebbles. The pebbles change in size and roundness from place to place. Curiosity took these photos with its downward-pointing MARDI imager on sols 2313, 2316, and 2352 (7 and 11 February and 20 March, respectively). MARDI always has the same-size field of view, 92 by 64 centimeters, of a patch of ground under the rover and behind the left-front wheel. The wheel is at bottom right of all 3 photos. NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS / Emily Lakdawalla