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ExoMars Rover Front View (Annotated)

ExoMars Rover Front View (Annotated)
ExoMars Rover Front View (Annotated) This rendering shows several ExoMars Rover components and science instruments. The drill, shown here without the front casing, also contains the Mars Multispectral Imager for Subsurface Studies, Ma_MISS, which will image the walls of the borehole created by the drill to study the mineralogy and rock formation. Drill samples will travel through the sample delivery window into the Analytical Laboratory Drawer (ALD) in the body of the rover. Within ALD the samples will be analysed with an infrared spectrometer (MicrOmega), a raman spectrometer (RLS), and the Mars organics molecule analyser (MOMA) instrument. ESA/ATG medialab

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