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Highlights from the January 1, 2010 Cassini ISS PDS release

Highlights from the January 1, 2010 Cassini ISS PDS release
Highlights from the January 1, 2010 Cassini ISS PDS release These are just a few of the nearly 10,000 images released to the Planetary Data System by the Cassini Imaging Team on 1 January 2010. NASA / JPL-Caltech / SSI / montage by Emily Lakdawalla

Top left corner: a view down on to Saturn's north pole showing lots of storms. Immediately below that: The globe of Saturn, with the shadows of the rings compressed to three narrow bands just north of the equator. Two moon shadows appear on the globe at the same time. Top middle: Prometheus and a streamer it has just pulled from the F ring. Below that: two views of Rhea at different phase angles; the right one contains a prominently rayed crater. Top right: a view of Saturn's rings at high phase and near equinox emphasizes the F ring and a dusty lane within the Cassini division.

Middle left: Both Prometheus and Daphnis are visible in one image, as well as the effects that the two moons have on nearby rings. Below that is a view of the F ring and the complicated braiding caused by Prometheus' repeated incursions. Middle center: three moons, from top to bottom: Mimas at very high phase and also lit by Saturnshine; Tethys; and Dione. Middle right: Prometheus is starting to pull out another streamer; it casts a shadow into the dusty outer edge of the F ring.

Lower left corner: Some moon casts a shadow onto the A ring. Center: two moons, Tethys (top) and an exceedingly high-phase view of Dione (bottom). Lower right corner: high-resolution view of a hexagonal crater on Rhea.In the order in which they are captioned, the images are W1609633673; W1609565607; N1615510312; N1614797855; N1615302503; N1614668991; N1612297333; N1611416824; N1611351371; N1613703988; N1610599686; W1617111781; N1613974889; N1614260705; and N1612272718.