F Ring in Motion
F Ring in Motion This animation is composed of calibrated, archival science data. Cassini captured the 90 frames for this animation of the braided F ring at intervals of 3.5 minutes on 13 February 2013 from a distance of 650,000 kilometers. NASA / JPL-Caltech / SSI / Björn Jónsson

This animation is a 90 frame time lapse movie from rev 181 obtained on February 13, 2013 at a range of ~650,000 km. This is a high-phase observation. It starts at 14:14:15 and ends at 19:24:12. The interval between individual frames is 3:30 minutes. The images have been calibrated and their gamma adjusted to make the fainter parts of the ring more visible. Some of the more obvious cosmic ray hits have been cleaned up.