Vishnu Reddy head shot

Vishnu Reddy

Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Vishnu Reddy's research focuses on understanding the behavior of space objects—both artificial and natural—in Earth orbit and beyond. He currently works on the OSIRIS-REx, NEOCam, and DESTINY+ missions and was a Dawn team member.

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The State of Planetary Defense

Vishnu Reddy delivers a sober but hopeful report on our understanding of near-Earth objects, their dangers, and our readiness.

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How to Defend Your Planet

Planetary scientist Vishnu Reddy studies space objects ranging from satellite debris to planet-killing asteroids. He shares the status of our effort to avoid the fate of the dinosaurs in a conversation with host Mat Kaplan. Did you know fruit flies were first in space? That’s just one of the random space facts you’ll absorb in this week’s What’s Up segment with Bruce.