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Richard Chute

Chief Development Officer

[email protected]


An interest in science and astronomy, bolstered by a love for science fiction, began at an early age for Richard Chute, our Chief Development Officer. From watching Star Trek in its original run on TV, seeing Saturn through a telescope for the first time in 5th grade, joining the rocketry club in 6th grade, getting a first-edition copy of Star Wars for Christmas, to watching Cosmos as a young college student, he's always been fascinated by space exploration.

Richard seeks to make a difference by creating effective fundraising programs for causes and organizations that support his passions. In addition to his role at The Planetary Society, Richard serves on the board of the Claremont Educational Foundation, which raises funds to support public education in the Claremont Unified School District.

Day to day, Richard spends his time getting to know our members, overseeing the membership department, and drinking more coffee than is probably healthy for any human being. Drop by sometime and join him for a cup! And, if you can't stop by, be sure to connect with Richard via email or on LinkedIn.

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The official launch date is now no earlier than June 24th, and the launch window still opens at 11:30 p.m. eastern time.

LightSail Launch Event

LightSail 2’s launch window opens on June 22, and we are finalizing plans for our launch viewing celebrations. Once we have finished coordinating the details with the Air Force’s STP-2 mission team and the Kennedy Space Center, we will share them with all of our members and backers so that you can join us in person or remotely via the internet.

Timing Is Everything

The tradition of giving to charities like The Planetary Society at year’s end often brings up questions about how to make those gifts, as well as their tax implications.