Newton Campbell Jr.

Newton Campbell Jr.

Board of Directors of The Planetary Society; Director of Space Programs, Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium

Dr. Newton Campbell joined the Planetary Society as a member in 2014 and became a Board member in 2024.

Dr. Campbell is the Director of Space Programs at the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium, where he oversees a portfolio of space technology and operations initiatives. He leverages his extensive expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance space exploration efforts and remote operations technologies. He is an internationally recognized leader in the space industry, regularly advising government officials and speaking at international conferences.

Before joining AROSE in late 2022, Newton served as an AI subject matter expert between Goddard Space Flight Center and Langley Research Center through the NASA OCIO Data Science Team. In this capacity, he spearheaded projects in urban air mobility, geomagnetism, space radiation, virtual reality, and high-performance computing for computational physics. Before his tenure at NASA, Newton spent a decade in research and development for the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Communities, primarily DARPA. He served as the principal investigator and technical lead for multiple projects in cybersecurity, computational physics, and AI, with a focus on internet privacy and cyber-physical systems security.

Newton holds a PhD in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University. He is deeply committed to STEM outreach, inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers through collaborations with schools and media groups in both the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area and Australia. He has also coordinated research practicums for students at the university level, addressing the needs of organizations such as NASA, the Atlantic Council, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

Newton is also a member of the Cosmos Club of Washington, D.C., and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He serves in advisory roles for Silicon Flatirons at the University of Colorado Boulder Law School, as a Technology Fellow at American University Washington College of Law, and as a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, specializing in space, climate change, and ethical AI. His leadership extends to several leadership networks, including the Schusterman Foundation REALITY network, the French-American Foundation, and the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue.

For more detailed information about Dr. Campbell’s work and contributions, resources provided by American University Washington College of Law, Silicon Flatirons (CU Boulder Law), Atlantic Council (Digital Forensics Research Lab), OECD, and Google Scholar are excellent references.