Solar system montage with eight planets

MaryAnn Bulawa, age 17


Justification for the name: "The asteroid that NASA scientists, researchers, and engineers are planning to analyze should have a name that represents the importance and meaning of its mission, but will also excite and engage people to follow its exploration. Kal-El should be that name. Kal-El is the name given to the mythical Superman/Clark Kent by his Kryptonian parents. Like the asteroid, Kal-El appears to be unremarkable on the outside, but after analyzing and understanding its nature it reveals something that is truly remarkable. The asteroid holds many secrets and mysteries just like Kal-El. Kal-El is a person who others look up to. He believes that everyone has unlimited potential and can achieve greatness. Kids and adults will be excited when they learn NASA is sending a mission to Kal-El. They will want to follow the exploration of Kal-El and learn about the many scientific secrets it holds."

What do you want to see next in space? "I want to see human exploration of the Moon, Mars, or an asteroid. I want the next person to step on another world to be a woman!!!!"

The photo shows her with astronaut Alan Bean.