Julielynn Wong head shot

Julielynn Wong

Founding Director, Center for Innovative Technologies and Public Health

Julielynn Wong, MD, MPH, is a Harvard-educated, award-winning physician, innovator, and communicator. Dr. Wong combines knowledge and real-world expertise in technology and innovation for healthcare. Her mission is to empower leaders to harness affordable technologies to positively impact 1+ billion lives. 

Dr. Wong is board-certified in public health and general preventive medicine and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Preventive Medicine. She served as a faculty lecturer at Singularity University and co-founded its Digital Health and Wellness Program. Miss Wong worked at the Skoll Global Threats Fund to launch "Flu Near You," the world’s largest crowd-sourced flu tracking and vaccine locator platform. Dr. Wong trained in space medicine at NASA Johnson Space Center and is a pioneer in 3D printing medical devices in austere environments. She has reported for ABC World News, Forbes and the Huffington Post, and made numerous television appearances, including an Emmy-nominated series on Discovery Channel. 

Dr. Wong is the founding director of the Center for Innovative Technologies and Public Health and created 3D4MD, a global health program that makes 3D printable medical supplies. She is available for your organization or event as an outstanding speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant on healthcare innovation, social media, 3D printing, space medicine, digital health, and medical communications. 

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Julielynn Wong came directly from her 30-day long HERA IX deep space simulation to our microphone. We talk with her about the experience, and her progress toward 3D medical device printing solutions for astronauts and Earthbound humans.