Solar system montage with eight planets

Dhaamin Siddeeq, age 12


Justification for the name: "If I could have the opportunity to name an asteroid I would name it Chronos. I would name it Chronos because he is the mythological greek god of space. Chronos is related to this assignment because he was the leader of space. The asteroid's name would fit it perfectly because what better name than the person who watched over space? Chronos was the first generation of the gods and was claimed to be the ultimate creator of the cosmos. He is also known as the master of time in greek mythology."

What do you want to see next in space? "The next step in space exploration that I would like to see is astronauts going beyond the Moon. It would be cool to see who the first man on Mars would be instead of the Rovers. The interesting details on that mission would be exciting to learn about. Maybe I would be that man."