Dan Geraci

Dan Geraci

Chairman, Board of Directors of The Planetary Society; President and Chief Operating Officer, FreeFall Aerospace

Dan Geraci joined the Planetary Society's Board of Directors in 2003 and has been Chairman since 2006. He is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of FreeFall Aerospace, a developer of communications infrastructure for Cislunar and terrestrial applications. Prior to FreeFall, Dan was President of Voyager Space Services, a provider of business operating services to emerging space companies. 

Dan has more than 35 years of experience as a senior executive in the investment and asset management industries. He was most recently Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Cygnus Investment Partners Inc, an alternative investments asset management company. He has served as President and CEO of Phoenix Investment Partners, President, and CEO of Pioneer Investment Management USA, Inc., President of Fidelity Investments Private Wealth Management Group, and other executive positions at Fidelity, Midland Walwyn Capital in Toronto, and EF Hutton & Company where he began his career.

Over the years, Dan has served on a number of trade industry boards and non-profits in Boston, New York City, Toronto, and Connecticut. He is a member of the Board of The Foundation for the Future, focused on space policy and workforce development for the space economy. He is a past board member of the boards of directors of Junior Achievement of Northern New England, and of Southern New England, and a supporter of Best Buddies International. 

A lifelong space enthusiast and amateur astronomer, Dan is a longtime member of The Society and has been a New Millennium Committee member since 1995. He currently lives in Seabrook, TX, and works in Tucson, AZ.