Bill Ailor Head Shot

Bill Ailor

Aerospace Fellow and former Director of the Aerospace Corporation's Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies

Latest Planetary Radio Appearances

A Space Station Crashes to Earth

By the time you hear this week’s episode, China’s Tiangong-1 may have spectacularly re-entered our planet’s atmosphere, raining metal on an unpredictable location.

Saving Earth: Asteroid Emergency Tabletop Exercise at the 2013 PDC

The last installment of our Planetary Defense Conference coverage makes a deep impact as hundreds of attendees participate in an asteroid mitigation exercise. You’ll hear from astronauts Ed Lu and Rusty Schweikart, Near Earth Object expert Don Yeomans, Cathy Plesko of the Los Alamos National Laboratory and many more.

Space Debris Can Ruin Your Day

Space Debris Can Ruin Your Day