Solar system montage with eight planets

Anna Wilson, age 14

Xipe Totec

Justification for the name: "Discovered in September of 1999, RQ36 needs a name. The verdict is out, and now thousands of kids will be entering names they think are best for the asteroid, Ranging from Native American Mythology to Mesopotamian mythology, many names have been taken, and many are still available. The name I think is best for the asteroid 1999 RQ36 comes from Aztec mythology, which is Xipe Totec. The name is inspired by Osiris-REx, the satellite. Osiris was the Egyptian god of earth, vegetation, death, and rebirth. Xipe Totec is the Aztec god of life, death, rebirth, and agriculture. When Greece declined, and Rome came into power, they kept many of the Greek gods, but called them by different names. When Osiris-REx goes out to explore 1999 RQ36, it would represent the change of the Egyptian god Osiris, to the Aztec god Xipe Totec."

What do you want to see next in space? "Personally, I would like to see leaps and bounds toward the human exploration of Mars. Mars has always captured the attention of humans, and being the only other planet in the habitable zone, it provides opportunities to find fossilized remnants of life at the very least. For as long as humans have known what Mars is, they have explored opportunities in fictional texts and in robotic probes like the Curiosity, but never have we ventured so far as to send a human to another planet. I have the utmost faith I will see a human to Mars in my lifetime, but would absolutely love to see it soon. I know we are making discoveries that will aid our journey, and although we cannot visit places, Mars and beyond, we will soon, and I cannot wait."