Solar system montage with eight planets

Andrew Silverstein, age 14


Justification for the name: "I think 1999 RQ36 should be named after the Egyptian god Kauket. I think this would be fitting since 1999 RQ36 is very dark, and Kauket is the Eygptian god of darkness. Since darkness comes before light, Kauket was also viewed as a bringer of light, which is cool if you think of knowledge as light, with ORISIS-REx bringing us knowledge."

What do you want to see next in space? "There are several things I would like to see happen in near-future space exploration. One of those is to have humans land on and eventually colonize Mars. On Mars, there are useful resources which are rare on Earth, and may have clues to the two greatest scientific and philosophical questions of all time: 'How were we created?' and 'Are we alone?' Also in an attempt to answer these questions, I would like to see probes being sent to the Jovian moon Europa and the Saturnian moon Enceladus. Both of these places are possible homes for extraterrestrial life."