The total solar eclipse is 12 weeks away — let The Planetary Society guide your experience

Explore a user-friendly map, eclipse guide, and fun opportunities to witness the April 8 total solar eclipse

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January 15, 2024

Danielle Gunn
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Pasadena, CA (January 16, 2024) — With just 12 weeks remaining until the rare total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, The Planetary Society is excited to share an array of educational and engaging activities designed to enhance this celestial spectacle for enthusiasts and the public alike.

  • The Eclipse Map: Continuously updated, this interactive tool integrates cloud cover, light pollution, eclipse duration, and viewing locations, alongside lodging options, providing a one-stop solution for planning your eclipse adventure. The eclipse map was made in partnership with The Eclipse Company and can be viewed at and

  • Eclipse App Community Partner Program: Created to help communities in the path on eclipse day, the program will allow organizers to send important updates to visitors, coordinate safe viewing with a distraction-free eclipse timer, and showcase local parking, attractions, and other points of interest — all delivered in an easy to use, mobile app. For more information about the Partner Program, email [email protected].

  • Expert Eclipse Guide: Delve into expertly written resources and videos, offering in-depth insights into eclipse phenomena and how to experience them to the fullest. Journalists are welcome and encouraged to use these resources to support their storytelling, which can be found at

  • Eclipse Course: In early February, join The Planetary Society’s online course designed to prepare participants for the eclipse, covering everything from scientific concepts to practical viewing tips. The course is available for free to all Planetary Society members and can be found at

  • Eclipse-O-Rama 2024 in Fredericksburg, Texas: Our can’t-miss event offers a unique community viewing experience with live expert commentary, hands-on activities, and engaging exhibits. This two-day festival, graced by the presence of our CEO Bill Nye, Everyday Astronaut Tim Dodd, Chief Astronomer Heidi Hammel, and more, features camping under the stars, optional banquet dinner, eclipse swag, insightful talks from scientists, and hands-on activities designed for space lovers. Tickets and info are available at

  • Partnership with National Parks Service Junior Ranger Program: For the young explorers, The Planetary Society has teamed up with the National Parks Service Junior Ranger Program to offer a special eclipse-themed explorer booklet and limited edition Junior Ranger pin, available at participating parks. For more information, visit

  • New Kids Book: Written by Planetary Society Chief Scientist Dr. Bruce Betts, “Casting Shadows: Solar and Lunar Eclipses with The Planetary Society” introduces kids at grades 2 to 4 levels to the different kinds of eclipses, when they happen, how to watch them, and cool things to look out for during an eclipse. “Casting Shadows” is the first release in a publishing partnership between The Planetary Society and Lerner Books.

Press resources

Interviews with eclipse experts are available upon request. Please arrange with Danielle Gunn, chief communications officer, at [email protected]

April 2024 eclipse map
April 2024 eclipse map Screenshot of the eclipse map developed by The Eclipse Company, in partnership with The Planetary Society.Image: The Eclipse Company
Eclipse-O-Rama 2024 event logo
Eclipse-O-Rama 2024 event logo Eclipse-O-Rama 2024 is a two-day festival to view the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse, featuring camping under the stars, insightful talks from scientists, and hands-on activities designed for space lovers.Image: The Planetary Society

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Video of Planetary Society CEO announcing the Prizeo campaign to win an trip to see the eclipse with him and The Planetary Society.

2023-2024 Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer publications
2023-2024 Junior Ranger Eclipse Explorer publications Image: The Planetary Society/National Parks Service

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