The Planetary Society Shares Media Resources for Cassini Grand Finale Coverage

Media Advisory
September 12, 2017

Erin Greeson
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WHY: The Cassini spacecraft’s end-of-mission on September 15 is an important and riveting topic for global media. The Planetary Society is pleased to provide information, expert analysis and resources to journalists, including through our Bruce Murray Space Image Library.


Emily Lakdawalla, senior editor and planetary evangelist, provides comprehensive details on what to expect, and when, during the mission’s final days, including the final images:

Jason Davis, digital editor, highlights the significance of the Cassini mission in an era where new commitments to outer solar system exploration are limited and require public support:

Bill Nye, CEO, issued the following press statement:

“Cassini’s grand finale is both exciting and bittersweet. Rest assured, the mission’s science will carry on long after the spacecraft’s farewell crash and end. While Cassini’s journey comes to a close, we ask ‘what’s next?’ and set our sights on more outer solar system missions to other worlds. We shall continue exploring space to better know the Cosmos and our place within it.

“Cassini demonstrates what The Planetary Society sees all around the world, everyday: strong public support for space exploration. Let’s revel in Cassini’s last moments, in all that we have seen and learned, and look forward to what is possible when citizens, scientists, and world leaders come together to accomplish extraordinary things.”

WHAT: Resources for journalists covering the Cassini spacecraft grand finale as its mission ends on September 15, 2017.

Experts: Follow Emily Lakdawalla for real-time end-of-mission coverage.
Images: Visit the Bruce Murray Space Image Library for Cassini’s beautiful color images and animations, including many not available on NASA websites
News: Visit for updates.
Multimedia: Planetary Radio, including at KPCC’s Cassini Grand Finale public event, and Planetary TV, including Robert Picardo’s operatic ode to Cassini.

WHEN: Available now. Planetary Society media resources, including blog content and multimedia, are available to journalists to support news coverage. Please link to and/or cite the original source and attribution as applicable.

WHERE: These online resources are available to journalists globally. Journalists visiting JPL for the Cassini Grand Finale are welcome to visit The Planetary Society Headquarters. Please contact [email protected] to schedule a visit.

Interviews with expert spokespeople available upon request. To schedule, please contact [email protected].

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