Bill Nye and The Planetary Society announce new membership program for kids who love space

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August 31, 2022

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Pasadena, CA (August 31, 2022) — The Planetary Society, a 501c3 non-profit organization, has empowered the public to take a meaningful role in advancing space exploration since its founding in 1980. Now young people can join the organization as part of the Society’s new membership program, The Planetary Academy, as announced via Kickstarter today.

The Planetary Academy is a membership to The Planetary Society for space-loving kids ages 5-9. The young new members will get make a real impact on space science and exploration by supporting The Planetary Society’s mission.

“When we were doing the Science Guy show, we had very compelling research that showed 10-years-old is about as old as you can be to get the lifelong passion for science and space exploration. If a kid gets hooked on space by the time they’re 10, they’ll love it for life,” says Bill Nye, The Planetary Society’s CEO, “The Planetary Academy will spark a life-long curiosity about space exploration.”

Planetary Academy members will receive 4 adventure packs per year, developed by The Planetary Society’s scientific experts. Each pack explores a world in our solar system through fun space-themed activities and games.

The first adventure pack includes:

  • A personalized welcome letter from Bill Nye, CEO of The Planetary Society

  • An official membership card to The Planetary Academy

  • An activity book and Planetary Academy logbook

  • Stickers, trading cards, games, and surprise gifts

“Our first adventure pack is ready to go, and the second and third are in development now,” says Dr. Bruce Betts, The Planetary Society’s chief scientist and lead educational consultant. “With the help of Kickstarter backers, we’ll be able to get this project to the launch pad this fall.”

In addition to helping unleash the potential of future explorers, Kickstarter backers may enjoy a variety of rewards, such as a 15-minute Zoom hang with Bill Nye, a sticker, button, and patch bundle, and the Planetary Academy membership itself.

Planetary Academy membership will be $89 per year with an option to renew annually. At present, the memberships will be available to the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The membership will support The Planetary Society’s mission to advance space science and exploration as well as its programming for young space enthusiasts.

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Planetary Academy Adventure Packs
Planetary Academy Adventure Packs Everything that's included in first package of The Planetary Academy kids membership program, The Planetary Academy. Packages are delivered quarterly and explore an intriguing world of our solar system.Image: The Planetary Society
Planetary Academy Logo
Planetary Academy Logo The logo of The Planetary Academy, the kids membership program of The Planetary Society.Image: The Planetary Society

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