Wish Ray Bradbury a Happy 90th Birthday

For Immediate Release
July 21, 2010

Mat Kaplan
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"Your incredible optimism, enthusiasm and vision have enthralled people around this planet and motivated all of us trying to reach other planets," said Louis Friedman, Executive Director of the Planetary Society.

Earth's foremost Martian, Ray Bradbury, turns 90 on August 22, 2010, and you can help him celebrate by sending a personal birthday message. The Planetary Society is collecting birthday greetings from well-wishers around the world to make a giant card for Bradbury.

"I first read your books ["The Martian Chronicles"] as a teenage bride in Africa under the light of a Tilly lamp with bugs and mosquitoes buzzing round me. Never forgotten!" a fan’s message for the card.

Bradbury's extraordinary body of work includes "The Martian Chronicles," "Fahrenheit 451" and a vast collection of stories, poems and plays. Many space scientists and engineers cite his imaginative journeys to other worlds as a source of inspiration to them to pursue careers in planetary exploration. His famous collection of stories, "The Martian Chronicles," traveled to the planet Mars aboard the Phoenix lander as part of a mini DVD created by the Planetary Society, entitled "Visions of Mars."

"The Red Planet wonders and adventures that you first inspired in us have been constantly in our minds as we have strolled around Mars these past 6+ years with Spirit and Opportunity. Like you, we yearn to see the place with our own eyes! A fine, dusty day that will be...! With best wishes for a great 10th decade and beyond," from Jim Bell and the entire Mars Exploration Rover team.

While Bradbury's birthday is August 22, the deadline for submitting messages to the Planetary Society is August 9, 2010 to allow time to create the card. Please add your greeting to pay tribute to the man who brought humanity along with him on a seven-decade ride through the imagination.

"You've traveled and chronicled another orbit of the sun! You've done great work -- please keep it up!" said Bill Nye, the Society's Executive Director (Designate).

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