The Planetary Society Joins AAA Michigan in New Membership Opportunity

For Immediate Release
July 01, 2002

Mat Kaplan
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1-626-793-5100

"One of the reasons that The Planetary Society remains the largest non-profit space interest group in the world is because we are constantly testing new ways to promote the Society to the general public and involve them in the adventure of space exploration," said Charles Nobles, chief operations officer of the Planetary Society.

"With mailing costs continuing to increase in a weaker economy, it has become critical to get the Society's membership information to the public in a cost-effective way," Nobles continued. "Our partnership with AAA Michigan will leverage both our large membership bases in a mutually beneficial way."

The agreement between AAA Michigan and The Planetary Society will introduce AAA members to the exciting possibilities offered by membership in the Society and will benefit new Planetary Society members who join AAA Michigan and receive a one-time 25% discount on their Planetary Society dues renewal. The AAA venture will open up a new avenue of promotion and support for space exploration to the public.

Planetary Society members in Michigan will also receive the Society's bi-monthly magazine, The Planetary Report, notification of local events, and discounts at Flint's Longway Planetarium, the Detroit Science Center and other planetaria that belong to a special Planetary Society network.

"We are truly excited about this new partnership with the Planetary Society. With this invitation to join this great organization, our members receive a great savings, as well as quality educational entertainment!" said Laura Bollman, the Show Your Card Coordinator for AAA Michigan.

AAA Michigan will announce the new agreement to its members in its publication, Michigan Living Magazine, and on its Web site. In addition to sending information to all new Planetary Society members in Michigan, the Society will publicize the agreement in The Planetary Report and on its own Web site.

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