Space Advocacy Organizations Join Forces to Host 25th Annual International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles

For Immediate Release
March 13, 2006

Mat Kaplan
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For the first time ever, The Planetary Society and the National Space Society will co-sponsor the annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC), from May 4-7, 2006 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary in the city that hosted the inaugural conference in 1981, ISDC will exemplify its 2006 theme, "Exploring New Worlds," with a stellar gathering of space entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, visionaries, and celebrities. Confirmed speakers include: Apollo astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Rusty Schweickart; SpaceShipOne Designer Burt Rutan; NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale; JPL Director Charles Elachi; Bill Nye the Science Guy; SpaceX President Elon Musk; NSS Chairman Hugh Downs; Planetary Society Chairman Neil deGrasse Tyson and Executive Director Louis Friedman; and many more. Visit ISDC web page for information on additional conference speakers.

Conference attendees will be able to choose from dozens of exciting presentations over the course of the four-day event.

*Find out what steps are required to land humans on Mars.
*Get a sneak preview on plans for the next generation of spacecraft.
*Learn what life is like aboard the International Space Station as a tourist.
*Discuss the possibilities for finding microbial alien life in our own solar system.

From planetary exploration to technology, and tourism to government policy, a broad spectrum of space-related interests will be represented at ISDC.

ISDC will also feature the historic ORBIT Awards Dinner, a Space Art exhibition, a Space Venturing Forum with senior business leaders, and a Saturday children's program. This year marks not only the 25th anniversary of ISDC but also the first time that The Planetary Society has co-sponsored the event.

The public may register online or by calling (202) 429-1600. Early bird registration by March 15 is $100 for the entire conference; pre-registration is $125 until April 26, and the rate is $150 at the door. Daily rates are also available.

ISDC will be held May 4 to 7, 2006 at the Los Angeles Airport Sheraton Gateway Hotel, 6101 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles.

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