There's Still Time to Sign Buzz's Birthday Card

For Immediate Release
January 15, 2010

Mat Kaplan
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Buzz Aldrin has walked on the Moon, rapped about the Rocket Experience, and served as a tireless advocate for exploring the high frontier. Next week, the Apollo 11 astronaut turns 80 on January 20, 2010, and well-wishers worldwide can join The Planetary Society in saying Happy Birthday.

“A man and a milestone in the history of human exploration. Thank you, Buzz, for your willpower and determination... Happy Birthday!!”

To honor the man who has contributed so much to space exploration and the world, The Planetary Society is collecting birthday greetings. The Society will present a giant birthday card to Buzz, that conveys the good wishes and thanks of thousands of people, who have been inspired by his achievements and lifetime of space advocacy.

“Many have promised the Moon. You delivered it.”

To date, The Planetary Society has gathered over 6,000 messages from well-wishers in 85 countries. One parent sent a message from his sons, aged 3 and 5, named Armstrong and Aldrin. Others recounted their joy in meeting Buzz at one of his many public appearances through the years.

“Happy Birthday from an 11-year old fan! You signed my book in Pasadena, CA and I will always keep it! You are my hero!”

Many recalled the moment they watched the first humans step foot on another world.

“When I was 8, our teacher allowed us to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing on a B&W TV in the grade school cafeteria. We all clapped and shouted when the lunar module touched down. In 2010, we're all still clapping and shouting! Happy 80th Birthday!”

But perhaps the most poignant was the simple question from a man in Indonesia:

"When will you go again?"

There is still time for people to send their birthday greetings to Buzz. Messages will be collected until Thursday, January 21, 2010.

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