The Planetary Report • May/June 2008

Alien Volcanoes

On the Cover: Olympus Mons, Mars' highest volcano, towers 26 kilometers (about 16 miles) above the surrounding plains. This false-color image covers an area of about 600,000 square kilometers (about 230,000 square miles). The colors represent a range of elevations, from a low (blue) of 5 kilometers (3 miles) below the surface to a high (white) of 22 kilometers (14 miles). The High Resolution Camera on the European Space Agency's <i>Mars Express</i> captured the images in this mosaic over a span of 18 orbits.


4 NASA at 50: A Personal View: James D. Burke reflects on his time with NASA.

8 We Make it Happen! LIFE Flying to Phobos and Back! Bruce Betts gives a progress report on this Society project.

12 Alien Volcanoes—A Solar System Tour: Michael Carrol and Rosaly M. C. Lopes take us on a tour of volcanoes throughout the solar sytem.


18 Members' Dialogue The Road to Mars, humans vs. robots, and life in the universe

19 World Watch What's up at the ISS; political discussions at Stanford University

20 Q&A Can we ever see a perfectly full Moon? And how well-mixed is Jupiter's atmosphere?

21 Factinos Revelations of Titan and Enceladus from Cassini

22 Society News Planetary Radio, tribute gifts, annual audits, and a town hall meeting.

23 Planetary Sales Show your Planetary Society spirit!

The Planetary Report • May/June 2008

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