The Planetary Report • July/August 2007

Other Oceans? Other Life?

On the Cover: Europa's surface—young, smooth, and icy—is one of the brightest in the solar system. The dark, scribble-like lines and cracks that wrap around its exterior are evidence of an ocean below this Jovian moon's frozen shell. This view of Europa, a mosaic of <i>Galileo</i> images, was processed to show its natural colors. <br\> Oceans might also exist beneath the surfaces of other icy moons in our solar system, such as Ganymede, Titan, Triton, and Enceladus. We'll know for sure only by sending spacecraft back for a closer look.</br\>


4 Searching for Ourselves on Mars: Finding the Viking and Mars Pathfinder Landing Sites From Orbit: Timothy J. Parker looks at the hunt in high-resolution images.

10 Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future: Susan Lendroth gives a sneak peak of an upcoming special society event.

12 Oceans in the Outer Solar System—And Not a Drop to Drink: Robert Pappalardo tours the possible oceans of the icy satellites.


9 World Watch Kaguya set to launch; 2008 NASA budget; NASA report on NEOs

18 We Make it Happen! Sending names to Mars on Phoenix and the Mars Exploration Rovers

19 Society News Changes to the society's board; chairman of The Planetary Society of Japan dies

20 Q&A What asteroids will Dawn visit?

21 Factinos Hydrocarbons on Hyperion; particle streams from Tethys and Dione

22 Members' Dialogue Opinions on exploring space

The Planetary Report • July/August 2007

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