The Planetary Report • May/June 2007

Examining Mars

On the Cover: The Mars Exploration Rovers, <i>Spirit</i> and <i>Opportunity</i>, were designed to last three months on the surface of the Red Planet. Three years and more than 180,000 images later, these hardworking robotic explorers are still making thrilling discoveries. <i>Opportunity</i>'s Panoramic Camera (Pancam) imaged these sand dunes at the bottom of Endurance crater on sol (Martian day) 211. Some of these dunes are more than a meter tall from crest to trough. The image is processed in false color for mineral analysis.


4 The Pioneer Anomaly—A Mystery of Cosmic Proportions: Bruce Betts looks at the clues in this landstanding cosmic mystery.

6 Searching for E.T. and the Cure for Cancer: Amir Alexander and Charlene M. Anderson discuss the goals of the SETI@home project.

16 Spirit and Opportunity—Martian Geologists: Matt Golombek gives an update of these amazing little rovers that could.


17 World Watch Save Our Science campaign; race to the Moon; Phobos-Grunt mission update

18 We Make it Happen! Winners of the 2007 Shoemaker NEO Grants

20 Q&A How long does it take for a comet to "die?" How thick is the ice on Europa?

21 Factinos Extrasolar planets "viewed" by Hubble and Spitzer

22 Society News 2007 Awards Celebration; Bill Nye goes to India

The Planetary Report • May/June 2007

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