The Planetary Report • January/February 2007

Back to the Moon

On the Cover: The Moon—its surface is cold, stark, dry, and lifeless. Yet, since the dawn of recorded history, humans have treated Earth's companion as an entity with power to affect life on Earth. From the beginning, our luminous satellite has inspired myths, stories, songs, poetry, art, and romance. Now the spacefaring nations of Earth are looking at the Moon as our stepping-stone to the future, a place to prepare for our explorations of Mars and worlds beyond.


4 Why Return to the Moon? Buzz Aldrin discusses why the Moon is still worth exploring.

6 Lunar Mysteries Beckon: Dave Stevenson looks at what we still need to learn about the Moon.

10 Destination Moon: An International Effort: Louis D. Friedman summarizes the world's efforts when it comes to the Moon.

12 To Mars by Way of the Moon: Christopher P. McKay explains why the Moon is a good stepping stone for Mars.


17 World Watch Who are the new players in Congress that will have a say in NASA's budget?

18 We Make it Happen! Bruce Betts updates us on the SELENE mission, carrying society member's names to the Moon.

19 Members' Dialogue Public envolvement in space missions; humans vs. robots in space exploration

13 Factinos Liquid water on Mars today

20 Q&A Martian crater rims; Earth impact hazards

22 Society News Travel to Alaska or Antartica with The Planetary Society!

The Planetary Report • January/February 2007

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