The Planetary Report • July/August 2005

A Smashing Success!

On the Cover: On July 3, 2005, 67 seconds after its impactor smashed into the nucleus of comet Temple 1, Deep Impact’s flyby spacecraft took this picture. Scattered light from the collision saturated the high-resolution camera’s light detector on the flyby craft, creating the bright splash and rays seen here. It’s reflected sunlight, however, that illuminates the comet’s nucleus.


8 Approaching Xanadu: Cassini-Huygens Examines Titan: Toby Owen explains what Cassini-Huygens has taught us so far about Titan and its tantalizing atmosphere.

14 We Must Decide to Do It! The Saga of Asteroid 2004MN4: Rusty Schweickart discusses how we can deal with NEOs.


3 Members' Dialogue On Cosmos 1

4 We Make it Happen! The story of Cosmos 1 is not over.

19 World Watch The effects of ITAR on the future of the ISS and INA

15 Q&A How do central peaks in craters form?

22 Society News 25th anniversary events and specials, and a new look for the website

The Planetary Report • July/August 2005

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