The Planetary Report • November/December 1989

What a Planet! What a Party!

On the Cover: During early August 1989, the Great Dark Spot of Neptune became a familiar sight worldwide. Then, as <i>Voyager 2</i> flew through the neptunian system, unexpected images came fast and furious, including the highway like features on Triton, its bright south pole and possible volcanic features, and complete rings around the planet. After the encounter, The Planetary Society threw a party for <i>Voyager</i>, and Chuck Berry serenaded the spacecraft on its way out of our solar system.


6 Voyager Retrospective: A Symposium on Exploration: Carl Sagan, Ed Stone, William Goetzmann, and Bruce Murray give their takes on Voyager's final planetary encounter.

12 Voyager at Neptune: Sorting Out the Early Results: Clark Chapman discusses how studying these seemingly unrelated bodies can tell us about the origins of our solar system.


3 Planets & Politics Carl Sagan reflections on the presidential Moon-Mars Initiative.

4 Voyager Watch: Getting Everybody Involved!

5 Our House is a Very Fine House

10 Anthenaeum Encounter: A Dress-Up Dinner for Voyager

10 Science from Phobos: A Soviet Symposium

11 International Space Art Show

16 Science Fiction Writers' Symposium

16 Beyond Neptune: An International Symposium

17 Planetfest Volunteers: Ready, Willing and a Little Short on Sleep

18 Q&A Can the Mars SNAKE unsnag itself?

19 World Watch Cassini, CRAF, Mars '94, Phobos, and Mars Observer mission statuses.

20 The Wrap Party

20 Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

21 A Benediction for Voyager

The Planetary Report • November/December 1989

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