The Planetary Report • January/February 1989

Diamonds from Space

On the Cover: The meteorites that fall from space sometimes contain surprises that can teach us about the births and deaths of stars. Within grains from the Allende meteorite that fell in Mexico in 1969, scientists found tiny diamonds that carry the isotopic signatures of materials formed before our solar system was born.


4 A Talk With Roald Zinnurovich Sagdeev: Louis Friedman sits down with one of the foremost players in international space exploration.

9 The Discovery of Stardust in Meteorites: John Larimer discusses how grains trapped in rocks that fall to Earth may hold the keys to understanding distant stars.

14 Planetary Exploration—A Third Great Age of Discovery: Stephen Pyne summarizes three great ages of discovery for humanity.

18 Continuing SETI: Scientists Share Findings at Toronto Conference: Thomas McDonough reports from The Planetary Society's first international conference on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

20 Mars Watch Chronicles: Susan Lendroth showcases multiple views of Mars during its 1988 opposition.


3 Members' Dialogue Responses to our previously published article "Phobos—A Surface Mine or International Park?"

24 World Watch The upcoming Cassini mission.

26 Society Notes US/USSR cooperation; upcoming events and opportunities.

28 Q&A Why is most of Earth's Arctic ice in Greenland?

The Planetary Report • January/February 1989

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