The Planetary Report • March/April 1988

The Next Step?

On the Cover: <i>Apollo 15</i> astronauts photographed the Aristarchus-Prinz region of the Moon from their command module. Crater Aristarchus, about 40 kilometers in diameter, is at upper right. In the foreground are the lava-drowned, ruined ramparts of the ancient crater Prinz and the mysterious network of rilles believed to result from more recent volcanic activity.


4 Going to Mars by Way of the Moon: Michael Duke explains the role of a lunar base in Mars exploration.

8 A Talk With John Aaron: Louis Friedman sits down with the head of NASA's new Office of Exploration to discuss his job, the state of NASA, and the future.


3 Thirty Years of SETI NASA's administrator looks at the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

12 World Watch Soviet-U.S. cooperation, CRAF, and NASA's space station.

13 News & Reviews Yes, we've been to the Moon before.

14 Society Notes Mars Watch '88, dolphin study, SETI conference, and Astronomy Day.

The Planetary Report • March/April 1988

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