The Planetary Report • November/December 1986

Voyager 2 at Uranus

On the Cover: The thin crescent of blue Uranus is surrounded by its five major satellites in this montage created from images returned by <i>Voyager 2</i> during its January 1986 encounter with the uranian system. The satellites are, clockwise from top left: Ariel, Umbriel, Oberon, Titania and Miranda. <i>Voyager 2</i> discovered ten smaller satellites orbiting between the planet and Miranda, the innermost large satellite


4 Exploring the Uranian Satellites: Robert Hamilton Brown takes us on a tour of the moons of Uranus—some newly discovered by Voyager 2.

8 The Magnetosphere of Uranus: Norman F. Ness shares Voyager 2's startling discovery of a substantial (and extremely unusual) magnetic field around Uranus.

11 Voyager 2 and the Uranian Rings: Carolyn C. Porco briefs us on the current state of knowledge of Uranus' ring system.

14 Voyager 2 Investigates the Atmosphere of Uranus: Garry Hunt describes the composition, structure, and weather observed close-up.

16 An Ocean in Uranus? David Stevenson looks at the evidence for and against this hypothesis.

17 On to Neptune! Ellis D. Miner explains what we can expect from Voyager 2's upcoming encounter.


3 Sir William Herschel Discovers Uranus A transcript of Dr. Michael Hoskin's talk for The Planetary Society's symposium commemorating Voyager 2's encounter with Uranus.

19 Society Notes Looking ahead, SEDS student members, and new asteroid discoveries.

20 News & Reviews Extinction events; the origin of our Moon.

21 World Watch Space shuttle launch schedule, CRAF, at the IAF Congress.

The Planetary Report • November/December 1986

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