The Planetary Report • July/August 1985

Halley's Comet

On the Cover: Modern techniques of image enhancement have enabled scientists to bring out photographic details that are barely visible in the negative and disappear when printed. This image of Halley's Comet, enhanced from photographs taken May 25, 1910 at Helwan, Egypt, shows a jet (center) shooting out behind the comet.


4 Through History with Halley's Comet: Donald Yeomans looks at the history of this celestial visitor.

8 Looking Into Halley's Comet: Julian Loewe and the staff of The Planetary Report showcase the armada of spacecraft studying the comet.

12 A Talk with Fred Whipple: Kelly Beatty sits down with one of the "greats" of the solar system.

15 The International Halley Watch: An Experiment in Cooperation: Jürgen Rahe and Ray L. Newburn, Jr. explain how professional and amateur astronomers alike are working together.


18 News & Reviews Other worlds; hype, seriously reconsidered.

19 Society Notes Halley's Comet, comparing the planets, and the 1984 audit.

20 World Watch The pace of U.S. deep space exploration.

The Planetary Report • July/August 1985

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