Planetary Radio • Jul 08, 2014

Discovered: Titan's Magic Island

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Jason Hofgartner

Ph.D. Student for Cornell University

Though we now peer through its obscuring haze with radar, Saturn’s big moon remains mysterious. Cornell grad student Jason Hofgartner reports on the discovery of what appears (and disappears!) to be an island on one of Titan’s frigid lakes. Casey Dreier sits in for Emily Lakdawalla, and invites listeners to an event on Capitol Hill in DC. Bill Nye reports on the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 and the Planetary Society’s LightSail solar sail. Are those birds you hear in Bruce Betts’ What’s Up report?

Ligeia Mare's disappearing island: reappeared!
Ligeia Mare's disappearing island: reappeared! A mysteriously bright object appears on Ligeia Mare.Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell

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On what highly-publicized, international stage were parts of Skylab displayed?

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How many moons has Cassini discovered at Saturn?


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What are the Montes or mountains named for on Mercury?


The mountains or Montes of Mercury are all named with words that mean “hot” in various languages.