Planetary Radio • Dec 26, 2011

Planetary Radio LIVE! With John Callas of the Mars Exploration Rovers and Joy Crisp of the Mars Science Laboratory

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20180912 john callas

John Callas

Mars Exploration Rover Project Manager for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

KJ Williams

Jazz & Pop Vocalist

Joy Crisp

MSL Deputy Project Scientist for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

We once again go before a live audience for an all Mars rover show. You'll hear the latest about Opportunity nearing its 8th anniversary exploring the Red Planet, and about Curiosity, arriving on Mars August 5, 2012. We've also got singer KJ Williams, Bill Nye the Planetary Guy, and Emily Lakdawalla's proof that she is not covering up evidence of aliens in our solar system! Mat Kaplan helps Bruce Betts give away some Planetary Radio t-shirts to our live audience and to listeners in the new space trivia contest.

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