Planetary Radio • Jun 18, 2013

Landing On Mars With JPL's Matt Golombek

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Matt Golombek

Mars Exploration Rover project scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mars Exploration Program Landing Site Scientist

Join us at JPL for a conversation with Mars landing site selection expert Matt Golombek. Matt is also now Project Scientist for the Mars Exploration Rover program, and share the great news from Opportunity about its latest discovery. Emily Lakdawalla presents a guest blog entry that features splendid images from Mars Express, while Bill Nye explains the convoluted ways of space science funding in Washington. Bruce Betts and Mat Kaplan are at a legendary Pasadena eatery for this week’s What’s Up.  Cosmic hot dog, anyone?

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How many Plutos would fit inside Jupiter?

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Approximately how many jellyfish flew on STS-40?

Between 2,400 and 2,500 jellyfish.