Planetary Radio • Apr 08, 2013

Basics of Interplanetary Flight With Dave Doody

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Dave Doody

Operations Lead for JPL Cassini Mission Support and Services Office

JPL’s Dave Doody doesn’t just fly around the solar system, he teaches others how. We talk about what students learn in his non-technical class, the Basics of Interplanetary Flight.  Emily Lakdawalla has written a guide to delivering great presentations about planetary science or anything else!  Bill Nye is following the ups and downs of funding for space exploration, while another lucky listener will win the Science Guy’s voice on his or her answering system during What’s Up with Bruce Betts.

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What reflective coating is used on the mirrors of the Chandra X-ray Observatory?

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Where in the solar system is Ontario Lacus?

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What is the term for where the solar wind slows down from supersonic to subsonic?

The termination shock