Planetary Radio • Sep 09, 2014

Miguel Alcubierre, Inventor of Warp Drive?

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Miguel Alcubierre

Theoretical Physicist for Nuclear Sciences Institute, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Inspired by Star Trek, distinguished physicist Miguel Alcubierre developed the general relativity-based model for warp drive 20 years ago. Hear why he doubts it will ever be a reality, and learn about his current research on gravitational waves. See the jets shooting out of Rosetta's comet with Emily Lakdawalla. Bill Nye previews a Capitol Hill hearing about mining asteroids, and Bruce Betts spends a year on Pluto for What's Up.

Alcubierre space warp
Alcubierre space warp

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What star has the largest proper motion?

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Last week's question:

Where in the solar system is Leprechaun Valles?


The answer will be revealed next week.

Question from the week before:

In Earth years, how long is a Pluto year?


The Plutonian year lasts 247.7 Earth years.