Planetary Radio • Mar 31, 2015

Robert Bigelow and His Expandable Space Habs

On This Episode

20150331 Robert Bigelow thumbnail

Robert Bigelow

Founder and CEO for Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace’s BEAM expandable/inflatable space module will be attached to the International Space Station later this year. Mat travels to the company’s headquarters for a conversation with founder and CEO Robert Bigelow. Bill Nye is headed to the all-star Humans Orbiting Mars workshop in Washington DC. Share Emily Lakdawalla’s excitement as the MESSENGER spacecraft nears its explosive end on the surface of Mercury. A lunar eclipse is days away! Bruce Betts has the details on What’s Up.

Space Complex Bravo
Space Complex Bravo Model of Space Complex Bravo, a station consisting of four Bigelow Aerospace B330 modules. Mat Kaplan
Olympus mock-up
Olympus mock-up The Olympus mock-up towers over onlookers at Bigelow Aerospace. Mat Kaplan

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What constellation appears on the flags of Australia and New Zealand? (Come on Southern Hemisphere patriots and fans!)

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What is the approximate latitude of the center of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot?


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What is the closest known white dwarf star?


Sirius B is the closest white dwarf star to our own.