Planetary Radio • Feb 10, 2015

Planetary Radio Extra: A Deep Dive into the New NASA Budget - A New Mission to Europa, But the End of Opportunity?

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Casey dreier tps mars

Casey Dreier

Chief of Space Policy for The Planetary Society

Jason callahan

Jason Callahan

Former Space Policy Advisor for The Planetary Society

The just-released budget for the US space agency has much that fans of planetary science can be grateful for, though the news is not all pos. Mat Kaplan welcomes Planetary Society Director of Advocacy Casey Dreier and space policy advisor Jason Callahan for an extended conversation that digs into the details. You'll also hear how the complex budgeting process works its way through NASA, the Office of Management and Budget and, eventually, Congress. The conversation complements this week's episode of Planetary Radio that celebrates the commitment to a mission that will visit Jupiter's moon Europa.

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