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Orbits of Pluto and PT1, New Horizons' flyby targets

Orbits of Pluto and PT1, New Horizons' flyby targets

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Alex Parker

Orbits of Pluto and PT1, New Horizons' flyby targets
This diagram shows the orbits of the planets (blue), Pluto (white), and New Horizons' Kuiper belt target PT1 (orange), as well as the path of New Horizons (yellow). The diagram also contains dots for other cold classical Kuiper belt objects (orange dots) as well as asteroids and other Kuiper belt objects (white). The Kuiper belt dots are from a model population, based on Canada-France Ecliptic Plane Survey results. A few large Kuiper belt objects are called out in their real locations with large white dots: Eris, Makemake, and Haumea. A labeled still from this animation is also available.

Here is a key to the animation.

Original image data dated on or about October 1, 2014

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