Strategic Partnerships

The Planetary Society’s corporate membership program offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to enhance their presence in the space exploration community by partnering with world’s largest and most effective membership-based, space action group. The essential operating support and collaboration with our corporate members enable the Society to bring its superb resources to citizens around the globe through our online initiatives.

Beyond joining our mission to empower every citizen explorer, privileges based on the level of your membership include Planetary Society memberships for designated representatives, public recognition in Society-produced media and events, invitations to exclusive engagements, and contact with Society staff, Board and friends.

Enhance your presence in the space science and exploration community by partnering with the world’s largest and most effective membership-based space action group.


The Planetary Society and Intel teamed up for the Interplanetary Challenge to educate and excite our audiences about the current and future uses of artificial intelligence in space exploration. With the tools provided by the Intel AI Academy you can learn the basics or hone your skills using their software.


Hypergiant Industries and The Planetary Society work together to educate the general public about the value of artificial intelligence in space exploration. Hypergiant creates solutions, products, and companies that support missions to realize the potential of AI.

US National Park Service

The U.S. National Parks Service and The Planetary Society partnered to create a Junior Ranger book and badge celebrating the North American Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017. The books were distributed in parks across the U.S. and in the path of totality.

Nye Lubricants

With a common goal of advancing space science and exploration, Nye Lubricants and The Planetary Society teamed up. In addition to providing essential operational support, Nye Lubricants has also been working with us to develop programming intended for youth, to excite them about learning, and encourage them to follow STEAM pathways in life. Our future exploration depends on the youth and we want to help them all understand their place in space.


The Planetary Society and ChopShop joined forces to open our official online store. Help support our mission and load up on stellar gear to show off your passion for space exploration. We'll add new items so check back often!


Collette and The Planetary Society are working together to unite space enthusiasts with curated trips. Join us 22-13 April, 2020 in Hawaii for a special astronomical and cultural tour of the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu.


MOVA Globes joins The Planetary Society's partner's program to help advance our mission through education and outreach efforts. These globes work using magnets and solar power to rotate in light. Designed using NASA images, their outer space collection will offer you a close up look of some of your favorite celestial bodies.


With an obvious passion for space, Yugen Tribe has given back to The Planetary Society for years. Every piece is handcrafted in Maryland so you're supporting a small business and The Planetary Society with unique celestial jewelry that celebrates our place in the cosmos. A portion of proceeds from the select items available in our online store with ChopShop and from Yugen Tribe's website supports our mission.

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Chief Development Officer
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