Soaring Higher - The New Millennium Committee

As a member of the prestigious New Millennium Committee, donors demonstrate the belief that space exploration is critical to the future of humanity. New Millennium Committee Members seed projects, propel advocacy, and turn dreams into space missions.

All donors who contribute $500 or more to The Planetary Society in a twelve-month period are honored as a part of our New Millennium Committee, whether it is through membership, project support, or a combination.

If you do not currently donate at a level of $500 or more per year, you can still become a part of the New Millennium Committee! Just click here and select one of the New Millennium Committee Membership levels to join the Society or upgrade your present membership. Choose from Visionary, Scout, Surveyor, Rover, Pioneer, Voyager, or New Horizons, and start experiencing the benefits of having Your Place in Space with us as we grow into the new millennium!