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Estes Park Middle School Galaxy Gazers Astronomy Club

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Estes Park Middle School Galaxy Gazers Astronomy Club

Colorado, United States

Proposed name: Dagda

Justification for the name: "Dagda is the Celtic (Irish) god of the Earth, death and regeneration. He is also known as the "Good God" and "Lord of the Heavens". We chose this name because the Osiris Rex mission's objective is to investigate the origin of life on our planet and planet formation. Dagda had a club which could kill with one end but could bring back life with the other end. Dagda is like Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead and resurrection to eternal life, because they both connect life with death. Dagda is a warrior who dresses in a brown tunic, hooded cape and leather boots. This dull dress reelects the dull luster of carbon."

What do you want to see next in space? Sebastian Mohr: "What I want to see next in space exploration is discovering the mineral compositions in asteroids, because it would step us towards mining the asteroids and potentially obtaining rare minerals."
Azelan Amundson:
"The next thing I would like to see in space exploration is missions to other moons of Jupiter and/or Saturn that we have not already done."
Sophie Greenway:
"Try to find life in other places in space."
Camdyn Arnold:
"We should explore inside the Sun."
Anna Greenway:
"I would like to learn more about the stars."
Jayson Scott:
"I would like to know if there is life on another planet."

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