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The Planetary Report • September/October 2006

SMART-1 at the Moon

On the Cover: SMART-1, Europe’s first mission to the Moon, is a success! Designed to test technologies, such as deep space electric propulsion, for future interplanetary missions (the spacecraft reached the Moon using only 60 liters, or just under 16 gallons, of fuel), SMART-1 is a sparkling example of international cooperation among Europe, the United States, Japan, and India.
The European Space Agency (ESA) and AOES Medialab


6 Our Adventures With JunoDave Stevenson and Ari Berlin bridge generations with NASA's latest mission to Jupiter.

9 Out of This World Books: Recommended space literature for your home library.

12 SMART-1: Europa at the Moon: Bernard Foing tells the story of Europe's first lunar mission.


3 Members' Dialogue What is a planet?

4 We Make it Happen! Stardust@home goes live; Mars analogue expeditions

18 World Watch Forced resignations and changes in mission statements at NASA

19 Society News The Society welcomes a new international volunteer leader

20 Q&A Determining food requirements for astronauts

21 Factinos Cassini finds lakes on Titan; Pluto no longer a "planet"

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Bill Nye and people
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