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Tom Dahl

Tom Dahl head shot

Tom Dahl

I am a professional software developer with a life-long interest in the space program. I fondly recall watching the Apollo 11 lunar landing live as a ten-year-old boy, and collecting newspaper articles about Gemini and Apollo missions. I've continued to follow the space program up to the current amazing robotic missions, and have enjoyed sharing with my now-adult children the history and significance of extra-terrestrial exploration.

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Latest Blog Posts

Reconstructing the Viking '75 Mars lander Surface Sampler Collector

January 29, 2018

Viking enthusiast Tom Dahl has created an animation demonstrating the operation of the Viking lander's Surface Sampler Acquisition Assembly, or "scoop."

Visiting Viking at Seattle's Museum of Flight

November 14, 2012

One of the nicest aerospace museums in the United States is the Museum of Flight, outside Seattle, Washington. I traveled cross-country in order to visit the "Flight Capsule 3" Viking lander, a backup unit that was never completed. Its partially built state exposes its internal structures, making it a boon to study.

Latest Processed Space Images

Harrison Schmitt at Shorty Crater

October 04, 2017

Harrison Schmitt works at the LRV at Shorty Crater on December 12, 1972. Photo by Gene Cernan.

Apollo 17 Shorty crater color panorama

October 04, 2017

Harrison Schmitt works at the LRV at Shorty Crater, while Gene Cernan photographs him, on December 12, 1972.

Neil Armstrong at the Apollo 11 Lunar Module on the Surface of the Moon

September 13, 2012

Astronaut Neil Armstrong works at the Apollo 11 Lunar Module at Tranquility Base on the lunar surface.

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