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Seán Doran

Seán Doran

Latest Processed Space Images

Jupiter's swirling clouds

May 22, 2019

JUNO CAPTURED a swirling region of bright clouds in the wake of a cyclonic storm as it dove toward its 18th close encounter with Jupiter on 12 February 2019. At left is the turbulent, blue-tinted pole; at right, the polar clouds give way to the pinker belts and zones of Jupiter’s midlatitudes. The Juno team posts their images in raw, relatively unprocessed form on the web as soon as they land on Earth—and wait for members of the public to process them. This image is the result of an automated processing pipeline developed by Gerald Eichstädt of Germany, followed by further enhancement by Seán Doran of Ireland.

Jupiter cloud relief

April 29, 2019

Detail from a JunoCam image taken on 29 October 2018 during Juno's 16th perijove pass.

Foothills of Mount Sharp, Curiosity sol 2365

April 10, 2019

A long-distance view of the foothills of Mount Sharp, Curiosity's future path, taken on sol 2365 (2 April 2019).

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